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May 06, 2008


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Wait. When did you do this logo? Has it always been here and I've just never noticed. It is precious. And clearly I check this site every day. :)


How do I get in touch with you?

Gary Gysel

Thanks for the photos of Paws. I love them, especially the largest one. Pleasure meeting you.

Meghan Leimenstoll

You've added so many great shots-the pics of Anabelle are beautiful- you've got such a talent!

Karen Noon

Wow Amy, you have outdone yourself with this shoot!! What a beautiful way to capture a loving, growing family. Your talent and sensitivity to those you shoot is a blessing to all. This is a gift you share with love and enthusiasm - it will be exciting to see the adventures with it ahead...

Love always,

Ben Dodds

Amy- Thanks for blog lovin'! It is true, I'm on YL staff in MN! Encouraged to hear of your involvement in reaching kids for the kingdom. Now, go hug a YL leader today! ha ha!!

Great stuff on here....you've got a great eye!


Hallie Epperson

AMY! this is AMAZING work!!!! I love looking at what youve captured on film, you are so talented!! love you.

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